If a person plays dissonance long enough, it will sound like consonance. It’s a language that was alien and then it’s less and less alien as it continues to live.

Keith Jarrett

Standards Trio Setlist analysis

Using data science to browse KJ Standard Trio

Standard Trio Venue Map

A new analysis on venue patterns


A multimedia travel during Keith Jarrett musical history

Standard Trio network influence analysis

A view of main influences in Standard Trio

This site was born with the intention of collecting all the crumbs left around by Keith Jarrett a pianist that I admire so much, for his pantheistic and spiritual vision of music. I started to realize how many informations there were on line about him and how fragmented they were more than 20 years ago. So i started to follow tracks, and collecting every little bit i could to build this database. I thought that having all this material, I could combine some of the things I develop in my work with this great passion. Numbers and art are deeply linked, yin and yang , where there is art there is often mathematics and mathematics is also an art form. Maybe destiny drove me to finish this analysis that began years ago with the search for the necessary data, precisely in the days of the death of Gary Peacock , making this work a true tribute to the epic and monumental work of research and passion carried out by the trio.

This work is based on several lists i found on the web Olivier Bruchez, Davide Sparti, Peter Losin, Arnulf Muller, Maurizio Garbolino and many others. This is just a draft version of the db, many new feature will be released soon. If you see any errror or just want informations drop an email to fabio.castronuovo@gmail.com

This website has a full session list for Keith Jarrett Venues, starting from the very first concert in 1952 to the last documented concert in Carnegie Hall in 2017. More than 65 years of music, a truly monument to music history, i think one of the most important travels into American Jazz Music.

Jarrett music production is deeply linked with live performance, the vast majority of his discography came from a live concert, so i have decided also to mantain an official discography starting from this live sessions. Of course having such a database allows to browse this knowledge in order to build different views. So i will try to add more paths in order to allow a more extensive browsing from a data analytical point of view, but also with a musical sensibility and with true and deep love for what these musicians gave me during my life.

Fabio Castronuovo Pisa Italy 5 september 2020

Latest News

22 October 2020

Keith Jarrett confronts a future without piano

Today NY Times released an interview with Keith Jarrett, sadly confirming voices around his illness. "But this month Mr. Jarrett,...
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21 September 2020

Added an interview from Norwegian TV 1969

Added in links section an interview from Norwegian TV in 1972. Following 15 minutes of music with KJ Trio (...
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17 September 2020

Budapest concert out 30 October 2020

Ecm has announced that the Budapest concert 2016 will be released for the end of October.
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17 September 2020

Keith Jarrett musical network

I added a new visualization to browse KJ musical relationships. The graph is here. Basically i used dbpedia and Sparql...
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14 September 2020

Composers Analysis

Added on the section analysis, a graph visualization of composers (music and lyrics) for Standards Trio setlists. It's a "ego...
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10 September 2020

Standards Trio setlist relationships and analysis

Having built this database of sessions of the trio, allows you to do different analysis to better understand the paths made by...
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